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Lincoln Used Cars- The Mkz Review


Ford in 2006 wanted to enter the luxury sedan market by launching the Lincoln MKZ. But before we get ahead of ourselves Ford had another name for it and it was called the Lincoln Zephyr. The Zephyr was a four door sedan that offered much more comfort and style than the Ford Fusion. The Ford Fusion was an entry level sedan. Lincoln used cars like the Zephyr is a V6 engine that comes with an automatic transmission. This luxury sedan also came with two climate control zones and heated leather seats.

Lincoln MKZ used cars:

In 2007 Lincoln decided to upgrade the engine from its original 3.0-litre V6 engine to Fords 3.5-litre V6, 236 horsepower engine, with 249 pounds, per feet of torque. It comes in both front wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

In 2008 Lincoln added a lot of new features that came standard when purchasing an MKZ. They added standard features like, perforated leather cooling and heated seats, Advanced Trac stability control, rear park assist and a push button start system.

Fuel economy for Lincoln use cars like the MKZ varies. Earlier models had a 12/8 litre, 100 km, city/highway driving stat and for the front all-wheel drive, it had a 13/8 litre, 100 km, city/highway driving record. In 2009 it improve and it had an 11/7 litre, 100 km, city/ highway stat for the front wheel drive model.

I like to point out some issues with the MKZ before you go out and buy one used.

1-There is an issue with the automatic control system.
2-There have been problems mentioned about the suspension feeling loose.
3-The MKZ all-wheel drive model has been known to have problems with the transfer cases. They have been known to leak.

Some nice things to mention about the MKZ are.

1-In 2007 it improved its side impact rating to good and won an award for top safety pick for that year.
2-In 2006 it won a four star award from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

There are two views from automotive critics about the Lincoln MKZ. Front wheel drive models received an above average rating for a used car. The all-wheel drive because of the transfer cases received a below average used car rating. I hope this helps when looking at the MKZ as a used car to buy.

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