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Latest Video Drivers – How To Solve Video Problems In Minutes

You already know the importance of video on your computer, but you may not know the importance of the latest video driver download. These downloads are what make the video card work properly. Even if your video is working, it could stop at any time without the latest software. In fact, if you are experiencing any problems streaming video on your computer, they are the likely culprit.

Luckily, installing new ones is not that difficult. Here are the basics to downloading and installing new video card drivers on your computer.

Update Old Video Drivers

You may have already noticed problems with your video that signal problems with your software. You may have noticed videos you are watching skip, don’t play at all or start and stop. All these are signs your software is outdated and in need of updating.

Before you begin, open up the Device Manager. Here you can check on the status of your software to determine if anything major is wrong. Each device should have a green checkmark next to it if it is working properly. If the device is not working correctly, then you will see a yellow exclamation point.

Update with Device Manager

The Device Manager allows you to update your software. Right click on any device you wish to update and click “Update Drivers.” This will start the automatic update of the device.

The drawback of this method is the limitation of the updates. This method will only update if it is readily available in a Windows update. It won’t hunt down new ones for you. Therefore, it is entirely possible to do this process and still have something outdated.

Update Drivers from the Manufacturer’s Website

If you know your video card brand, you can go to the manufacturer’s website to locate the latest drivers. Search the site for a page titled “Support” or “Downloads.”

Before you download any driver, make sure it is the exact one you have on your computer–just an updated version. Then download it to an easily found place for easy retrieval. After downloading, go back to the Device Manager and manually install the new drivers.

Update Automatically with Driver Update Software

The easiest and most effective method for updating is driver update software. This software will search your entire system to find all old drivers. Then it will find and replace the old ones with new ones. This fixes any problems you have on your computer in just a matter of minutes.

Use the software on a regular basis to make sure everything is current and working properly. Not only is it the most reliable way to select the latest video drivers but it is the most convenient as well. Learn more about the latest downloads for your computer and how to update all of them at once for the fastest computer possible.

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