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Taylor Swift, the country pop star, owns a dreaming life with her musical talent and model good looks. By the age of 20, she  had earned estimated $ 50 million – the huge money anyone desires. Her album “Speak Now” sold $ 1 million at the first week of release and its all eleven songs were listed in the latest Billboard Hot 100 Chart according to Entertainment Weekly. Furthermore, Taylor Swift is the only female artist to have many songs on the chart at one time. American Idol winner David Cook had 11 songs on the charts shortly after winning the title in 2008.


She looks stunning when walking on the grass field


Her achievement is even more special when she wrote all the songs that top the list and is the only artist to reach this billboard success.


The Fearless Tour of Taylor Swift with Kellie Pickler and Gloriana won the best package category at the Billboard Touring Awards ceremony, which was held on Thursday, November 4 in New York City


Early this year, she bought a pretty three-bedroom condominium in Nashville


This talented singer-songwriter won three Grammy Awards and her country-pop second album was 2009’s bestseller in the U.S.


Taylor told the reporter that whenever she felt heartbreak, she said to herself “I can write a song about this”


To Taylor, writing songs is a way of justifying things that happened in her life. She believes that everything happens for a reason.


She is beautiful as a princess in tale stories


The yellow curly hair is an outstanding point on her face




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