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Kodak Easyshare P520 Reviews

Let us get a new look to your living room or the bedroom by adding the new Kodak easyshare p520 digital photo frame. Along with enhancing the décor of your living space, you can now have a look at your most favorite memories that you have stored in the photo frame with just a click of the button – a completely new aspect to look at the pictures that you have taken and wish to see again and again. You can also fix it in your office to look at when you have spare moments. The Photo frame from Kodak is easy to use and can operate without a computer. Therefore now you can relive the moments and that too as often as you can. All you have to do is inset the memory card, simply sit back, watch the photos of your loved ones, and yourself, and see it come alive on this very sleek and attractive display frame.

The digital photo frame P520 is simple to use, simply navigate with the Kodak’s quick touch border and do not touch the screen with the fingertips to leave some prints which kind of blurs the pictures. The scrolling features on the Kodak easyshare P520 helps you scroll through your pictures and you can create, view and edit the pictures with your fingertips. What ’s more, you can even start viewing the pictures by just inserting the memory card or flash drive. The photo frame consists of features like the slideshows, delete and copy. The Kodak digital photo frame also has selectable viewing hours that feature automatic on/off settings.

For those who want to store more pictures can use two SD card slots and can watch more photos and enjoy. The photo frames can easily access and transfer pictures. The software of the Kodak easyshare, digital frame edition can make is easy to access the pictures and can transfer them from the computer to the photo frame. You can also edit those pictures that you do not want to watch or are not good enough. You also get the drag-and-drop feature for transferring pictures for slideshows.

The Kodak digital photo frame P520 is a 5 inches high-resolution screen with 4:3 aspect ratios. You also have a choice of colors when it comes to Kodak easyshare P520 because you get two decorative frames that come in silver and red. Now hang it on the wall or keep it on the table top, the choice is yours.

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