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HP PhotoSmart 8050 Cartridge Review

The HP PhotoSmart 8050 is actually a printer that will utilize four or six inks. Whenever the black will not be utilised it will fit inside it’s unique little area within the unit in a position to be promptly swapped with the photo cartridge. However this specific model is far more than a common photo printer.

The 8050 model is definitely not really that little at 47x31x16cm with paper located in the bottom. Should you open up the paper capturing tray this adds a further 12cm on the 31cm depth.

I discovered that the software set up needed about 6000MB of hard disc space.

The rear has two inputs designed for the power along with USB leads. Raise a lid on the top of the device and it hides from view a special holder for smaller media (4x6inch with and without tabs, 15x10cm as well as A6 Hagaki sizes) other controls are in the front face of the device.

The left side has got the on/off button just above exterior connections intended for USB pen/stick drive in addition to four card slots. The paper storage and delivery system dominate the central portion of the unit with the right side having a 4x3cm TFT screen for the purpose of instructions and displaying photos any time printing direct without the intervention of a PC. There’s a total amount of 12 buttons below and to the right of this display to manage what and how things are printed in this way.

While it is feasible to print black (text) pages while using the colour and photo cartridges loaded the price will end up being greater as several colours will be blended to create a black plus the printing will be slower. Printing the 200 word document produced 12PPM and the more typical 1500 word document came out at near to 9PPM. The result was furthermore a bit more grey than black which is definitely unusual for HP. Using the black cartridge loaded these numbers were, 20PPM with regard to the 200 word document and 16PPM for the 1500 word offering and even with ‘fast draft’ the result ended up being absolutely black.

Any time printing from a card or a pen/stick drive you can easily see images on the TFT display but it’s also viable to print a proof sheet then mark in a dark pen in a little rectangle which to print and even exactly what layout to make use of. Now you feed the sheet back into the printer face-down with the top of the sheet first and when you choose ‘scan proof sheet’ from the menu it’s scanned. Once scanned it subsequently requires you to put in paper, click ok and then your page or pages of pictures within the selected size are printed.

The photo proof sheet may print as many as 20 thumbnails – four lines of five – for each sheet. Actually the edit option of the unit enables a lot of choices only usually provided by software, even though it is only a simple function the automatic red eye removal is very useful. Putting together the print choices, edit and tools features on the unit provide you with a lot more properties in comparison with photo treatment packages. This device may also print by means of Bluetooth.

But now the only factor not fully gone into, printing A4 or four images at 9x13cm borderless requires about 250 seconds a page in either case, although this is not quick given that a number of models are capable of doing so in under 180 seconds it is nevertheless quite acceptable. The primary considerations for me whenever printing photographic pictures isn’t speed but quality and the latter is very good using the HP PhotoSmart 8050 printer ink cartridges.

For everyone who must print direct from cards or pen/stick drives without any Computer I doubt you require to look any further.

HP PhotoSmart 8050 printer cartridges are to be found here.

{I am a long time member of the Cartridge Concept team which specialises in HP PhotoSmart 8050 printer ink cartridges.

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