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How to Maintain Your Electric Golf Trolley: Some News


An Electric Golf Trolley can really be a boon to Golf Players. It is owned by players who do not want to spend much on a Golf cart. Golf Trolleys are very much cheaper than carts and do almost all the functions of the cart, except transporting the player. The trolleys can be manual, remote controlled or battery operated. They help in carrying the heavy bags and equipments of the player. This will help to relieve a lot of strain from the player.

Golf trolleys runs on battery and hence proper maintenance is required for keeping them in a good condition. Here we will discuss on some of the maintenance techniques required to keep the trolley in good condition.

Electric Golf trolleys run on the charge preserved in the battery. So the primary or the most important part of the trolley is its battery. Special purpose rechargeable batteries are used by this trolley. 24 hours of complete charging is needed by a freshly purchased battery. After that charge the battery for the optimum time as prescribed in the manufacturer’s manual. Never over charge the battery, as it can reduce the battery life cycle. Remove the plug as soon as the charging is complete which is denoted by indication lights.

If you are planning to go on a trip and not using the trolley for a long time, then the battery should be removed from the trolley and stored safely. Make sure to charge the battery fully before removing it from the trolley. Store the battery in a place where the temperature is neither too cool nor too hot. The optimum temperature for storing battery is between 10 degrees and 30 degree Celsius. Once in three months the battery needs to be charged in order to preserve it in the working condition.

Regular cleaning of the trolley parts is also necessary. Use a damp cloth to remove the dust from accumulating at the various parts of the trolley. Wipe off the mud and dirt from the wheels and keep it clean. Use a clean cloth to cover the trolley.


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