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Hot Wheels Rc Stealth Rides Racing Car Review

Hot Wheels RC Stealth Rides Racing Car

Hot Wheels did it once again with a new foldable, pocket-sized car just in time for the holidays. The Hot Wheels RC Stealth Rides Racing Car is actually a 3 inch tiny racing car that folds away and in to the hybrid remote transmitter/car holder. Young ones ages 8 and up are going to simply delight in this auto predominantly for the performance, transportability as well as its simplicity of use. A lot of rc toys in this class have a standalone cumbersome Remote control transmitter that is what helps to make the Stealth Rides Racing Car such an advanced Radio controlled toy.

Hot Wheels is known for quality and ground breaking toys and the Stealth Rides Racing Car is not going to disappoint. A collapsible construction brands this the very first remote controlled car or truck available today. Simply by pressing the transformation button, the edges of the vehicle fold under enabling you to place the car inside the transmitter case. The the final result is an extremely trim case little enough to keep in your pocket. When you are ready to race your vehicle, just simply press the transformation button while you are moving the car out of your case and it springs into motion geared up for the next race.

The very first thing you see with this particular rc car is normally its velocity and agility. A lot of remote controlled cars and trucks of this size aren’t very responsive and don’t handle effectively in turns. This particular racing car is best suited for inside and on hard floors. The racer does have a shorter infrared range as compared with several remote controlled cars so it is advisable to stay comparatively near the car while driving it.

Every car offers plenty of channels so when racing alongside a pal, you will need to be sure that each car is set to a different channel. If not, you could find yourself controlling each others car! It’s really easy tp set the cars for duel racing. Simply flip the cars over and allocate just one car to channel 3 whilst setting the other car channel to 4. As it utilizes infrared there exists a minor potential that your TV remote can interfere with the reception on your cars transmitter. One other great quality is the battery conserving ability of the Stealth Rides Racing Car. In case the transmitter and car remain not doing anything for very long, it is going to quickly stop running keeping precious battery life.

Included in the display box, you will find the RC Stealth Rides Racing Car, three AG13 (LF44) power packs, and extra (three) AG13 (LF44) electric batteries, plus a in-depth user handbook. The car also comes with power tread tires so you can drive over obstacles. There’s 5 types of RC Stealth Cars, Power Tread Camo, Red Racing Car,Power Tread Silver Racer, Blue Racing Car and the brilliant Batmobile Tumbler.

In summary you’ll certainly be pleasantly surprised by this thrilling innovative remote controlled car. Absolutely no kid’s toy collection could be complete without a Hot Wheels car and this car is without a doubt one you will want to ensure you get your little racer. Kids will certainly have a great time racing close friends and creating obstacle courses for his or her race car activities. If little else, this makes a great stocking filler for young and old guys alike.

The Hot Wheels Stealth Rides Racing Car will undoubtedly be in short supply this christmas. Avoid the disapointment and sad eyes on Christmas morning and buy yours today, before it’s too late.

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