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Home Video Editing Tips

Home video editing has become available to anyone that has a computer with enough memory to run the video editing program. Accessibility to video editing programs is not the issue. What is at issue here is that most people can figure out how to run the video editing program, but very few know how to edit. With a few home video editing tips you can set your work above the average home video editor. It is not all that hard, but it will require a little effort and discipline. The following tips for editing video should should help make things much easier when you are tackling that video editing project.

Remember that you are telling a story with both pictures and audio. It is important that you treat both with the same amount of respect. Great picture editing falls apart if the audio tracks are not edited correctly. Be sure to prelap or over lap audio on cuts to keep sound changes from occurring directly on the cut. Rough audio changes on the cut make the picture cuts seem to be wrong and jarring.
Be concise and move the story along whenever you can. It is never wise to spend six minutes getting a point across that can be done in two or three. Edit your video!
When you have finished your first pass through the material, go back to the beginning and run it again looking for parts that are slow or repetitious and tighten them up. When you are finished run it again and concentrate on the audio transitions.
Title your project and be concise with your titles. Try to capture the sense of where the scenes are going and punctuate your video with your titles.
Add music to your video and remember to either leave dialogue sequences clear, or to keep the music low as a bed under the scene. Don’t let the music fight the scene.
After you finish your editing sequence go back and do any final color or brightness correction that you may need. Consistency is the key.

If you give these simple home video editing tips a try you will be surprised at how quickly you will improve your editing. These are basic home editing tips that will force you into a new discipline that over time will increase your ability to the tell the story in a pleasing manner. Everything about editing is intended to move the story forward and to make it as compelling as it can be. You may not be doing a TV show or a feature film, but with these home video editing tips your work will have the same flair as a professionally edited video video.

Thom Pryor was a professional Hollywood video editor for over 30 years working on some of your favorite films and TV shows. Now he helps people using Professional Video Editing tell a story with their video projects. Let him help you convert slides, preserve your media, and tell the story that lies underneath your video and audio projects.

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