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You’re about to discover what might be the most comprehensive collection of home gym secrets ever developed. It’s the same home-gym building and training program countless people have used to build inexpensive (and wildly effective) home gyms that let them reach chiseled lean physiques and achieve rock-hard muscle definition that makes them look like walking anatomy charts.

If you are interested in building an affordable home gym that helps you create your dream physique – no matter if your personal goal is to lose fat, build muscle, or increase your strength levels, I can show you how to build a gym that will help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible in the comfort of your own home, using simple (and effective), proven workout routines that can easily be fit into your day, without endless hours of workouts or expensive equipment, then this will be the most important letter you ever read in your entire life.
I’ve been a fitness professional since 1995, I’m a home gym training expert, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA-CPT), Certified USA Weightlifting Club Coach, creator of the “Ask The Fitness Expert” teleseminar series, and site Manager of the Burn The Fat Inner Circle, the internet’s Premier Fat Loss Support Community that I run with the fat loss guru himself – Tom Venuto.

Just because you purchased an expensive multi-gym does not mean that you will automatically achieve great results simply by owning this marvelous training tool. I know people who have purchased $ 3,000 multi-gyms and have never used them! Do these people think that all that they had to do was buy this equipment and they would magically achieve great results? The clever marketing that persuaded them to buy the equipment is likely to blame.

Some of the infomercials and other marketing materials for these multigyms can be very compelling and what I have found is that many people succumb to this marketing and reach for their wallets without thinking (this is what those infomercial marketers want by the way – they want you to think that all it takes to look like the hired gun fitness model is to simply spend a few minutes on their piece of garbage machine every day – yeah right!).

My advice is first of all to not buy an expensive multi-gym! I don’t think you really need one as I firmly believe similar (if not better) results can be achieved with less sophisticated and of course, less expensive equipment. Be careful when you watch late night television or receive another mailing via snail mail (Buyer beware!). Try not to succumb to the clever marketing and keep some skepticism in the back of your mind when looking at these marketing materials.

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