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The first part and most restrictive is that the OWL phase. The Owl phase (Ongoing Weight Loss) restricts the carbohydrate intake to just twenty grams per day. Twelve to fifteen of these grams must come from salads. Meat, seafood, fish and poultry are plentiful during this stage. A little soft cheese is allowed daily, some low carbohydrate vegetables, no alcohol, restricted caffeine, butter or oils and water, heaps and heaps of water, desires to be consumed.
Part 2 permits more carbohydrates every week selected from a food ladder. The dieter gets an increase of 5 grams of carbohydrates per week from a different food group each week throughout this phase.
The next section increases the carbohydrates until weight loss stops. Once the dieter reaches the ultimate weight goal the maintenance part kicks begins.
The Atkins diet shows immediate weight loss however is troublesome to stay to as a result of of rigid eating patterns. A study showed that the diet would possibly cause kidney damage.
a pair of The green tea diet uses a nutritional low calorie diet and adds green tea to every meal and snack.
3 Variety 3 on the prime ten fad diet list is the negative calorie diet.
The diet gets its name from the speculation that the foods on the diet use additional calories to digest than they contain. Whereas there is no scientific proof that you’ll eat your method thin, many of those foods are healthy, nutritional foods that are low in calories. The foods on the list increase the body’s metabolism and aid in faster weight reduction.
4 The grape diet is variety four of the top 10 fad diets and one probably the worst. Nothing however grapes and water becomes the fare for days on end. This diet, originally created to cleanse the system and fight cancer, became a weight loss diet somewhere along the way.
five The three hour diet takes into consideration the time of day that you eat. The diet breaks the food down to mini-meals eaten each three hours. It resembles a diet for hypoglycemia. The diet is nutritionally balanced and keeps blood sugar levels stable. That stability reduces the urge for a five:00 o’clock feeding frenzy that regularly occurs in dieters. This one makes sense. The down facet is the necessity to constantly eat, whether or not you’re busy or not hungry.
vi The lemonade diet was another cleanse diet that switched to a weight loss one. Nothing but a concoction of maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemon juice is on the list of edibles for the ten day fast.
7The ice cream diet is just a daily calorie controlled diet that makes room for a very little ice cream at the end of the day. Of course, if calories are controlled, weight loss occurs. The diet is nothing more than allotting for ice cream. The calcium within the ice cream is sweet for the bones and aids metabolism, but outside of that, you could substitute a brownie and decision it the brownie diet.
8 The cabbage soup diet uses a soup created from cabbage and alternative vegetables and mixes it with rations of alternative low calorie foods and cranberry juice or tea for five days of monotony and gassy stomachs.
nine The raw food diet may be a vegan diet with all foods left uncooked. Blend them, chop them and prepare them but don’t cook something or heat it beyond 116 degrees Fahrenheit. Raw food contains additional vitamins in many cases than its cooked counterparts do. Nuts are included within the raw food diet because the protein source. The diet consisting largely of vegetables is a low calorie diet, but it is difficult to keep it well balanced. It’s a lot healthier than most fad diets and the introduction of raw vegetables into the body brings in several nutrients. The fiber of the raw vegetables cleans out a ton of noxious waste.
10 The ultimate diet on the list of the top ten fad diets is Zone diet. Much just like the Atkins diet it has phases and tries to vary lifestyle and eating habits. The Zone diet uses a balancing act for its carbohydrate ratio. Each meal consists of forty % of the food as carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% of the meal in fats. The recognition of this diet created by Oprah’s endorsement puts it on the list of the top 10 fad diets.

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