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Handongsongnuan New Canon Photo Printer Down 300 Yuan

Who was on Dec. 1 to Dec. 31 period purchase Canon PIXMAiP3680 users can enjoy the value of goods related to the current preferential policies for the country’s most upset, that is just to spend 820 yuan will be back home . The price of the same period compared to the market price has been reduced by three hundred dollars, breaking the record low price of this product.

Thanks to Canon’s unique FINE advanced print head technology that is printing, PIXMAiP3680 rated performance in print speed and quality of both the classical model. FINE technology to achieve a greater number and higher density of nozzles arranged so that the print head can output a high level of performance. The maximum resolution of 9600 × 2400dpi, the smallest ink droplet only 1pl, only these two formidable performance parameters, you can ensure that the fine print. 5-color ink cartridges stand-alone design, pigment black ink documents clearly show sharp output, color dye-based inks in cyan / magenta / yellow, based on the additions of photo black, photo contrast to more and more three-dimensional.

Moreover, the increase in the number of print head nozzles have also significantly increased printing speed. PIXMAiP3680 print black and white document, 26 pages per minute, while color documents can reach 17 pages per minute, whether it is business Office Commonly used file reports or download the pages, can easily and quickly complete the output. Is worth mentioning that, PIXMAiP3680 random with the latest version of Easy Photo Print EX Software Achieve stronger and more convenient combination of printing, photo, photo album, calendar, ID photos and the printing of which are covered; automatic photo correction software can also be adjusted Digital Cameras Caused when shooting backlit, red-eye, showing a more perfect superior printing results.

Excellent print quality not only from PIXMAiP3680 print head design, the application of new ink formulations also contribute to enhance the quality of a lot. The world’s first application of the CLI-821 series of new dye ink, extend the red color gamut, black performance is more natural. Photo saved at the same time have also been persistent concerns more users, the new CLI-821 series ink, with FINE technology and new original photo paper, composition Chromalife100 + “vivid color, lasting quality” of the new system, so that color Stability and durability are more excellent, both to save photos in albums, or photo frame to display photos, can effectively maintain a long beautiful color photos.

PIXMAiP3680 standard two-way paper feed function, in addition to other automatic device for the paper, another with a front-feed tray, you can put different size of paper, respectively. If you do not have to worry about their daily print volume, the two input channels can accommodate up to 300 pages of plain paper, eliminating the inconvenience of paper halfway added. Print photos, only need to load the photo paper for the automatic feeder, the printer is more convenient. This from Duplicator Technology, rich color paper capacity is PIXMA Teng Printer A major feature of the past, many applications in high-end product features two-way feed is now PIXMAiP3680 the standard. In addition, the phone will also support the PictBridge protocol, Digital Camera can be connected directly to print, bring photos simple and quick experience.

Set of stylish and elegant, fast, low cost, two-way feed, or making the play, and many other features all in one, while the price was only 820 yuan, you are hesitant about, hurry to buy their own office or home a Teng color PIXMAiP3680 it, after all, is not always all of the relevant concessions.

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