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From the Conveyor. the Review of Off-road Cars


SUV … Such machines now are fashionable – number of the drivers preferring them, in the beginning of 21 centuries began to grow with frightening speed. Agree, that in soul you want the big true off-road car – such economical “bull” with classical framed structure design.

Such as Nissan Patrol, for example. Here it, one of few alive classic a cross-country genre. Without seen changes the automobile wade through mud since 1997 – since then the veteran has transferred only one modernization to 2003.

The circuit of a full drive on army is simple – with rigidly connected forward bridge, back self-locking differential and lowering transfer. Available one single modification – GR with in-line three-liter diesel engine capacity 160 h.p is accessible.

One more veteran – and this time in full sense of this word – Mercedes a G-class. The automobile is issued here 29 years (!) all in the same old-fashioned body. Do Not toil to peek under bilge or under hood this off-road car in quest of revolutionary technological decisions. There is not present neither multilever independent suspension brackets, nor smart all-wheel circuits: everything, as before – an opportunity of blocking of all three differentials and lowering transfer.

Updatings only three are diesel G 320 CDI (224 h.p.), G 500 with 296-strong motor V8 and mad G 55 AMG Kompressor capacity 500 h.p.

Perception Toyota Land Cruiser 200, debuted in the last winter, is too subjective business, but we shall not be silent about design all the same! Auto practically has not changed: and who in one year will recollect, what it is the new machine? It as suppresses all bulldozer a pressure huge radiator ” blade”, and this become swollen back part …. ooh!

Full drive on Land Cruiser – with interaxal differential Torsen. The most part of the twisting moment – 60 % – gets to back wheels. Moving down on impassability, “center” it is possible to block a key. The off-road car is offered as with petrol motor V8 (4,7 ?, 288 h.p.), and with a turbodiesel (4,5 ?, 235 h.p.).

The fourth generation Mitsubishi Pajero which has appeared in the autumn of 2006, externally also has not strongly changed in comparison with the predecessor, but is looked more interestingly Land Cruiser: in shape there is no that heaviness and massiveness. On Pajero the circuit of a full drive checked up by time with the asymmetrical interaxal differential, henceforth working in a tandem with system of stabilization is used. A drive on a forward axis – connected.

It is offered to drivers two versions of the fourth Pajero: with a turbodiesel in volume of 3,2-litre (165 h.p.) and with petrol motor V6 3.8 (250 h.p.).

To these off-road cars the attitude always special – Land Rover Defender for many became something like talisman. The old man, by the way, have rejuvenated the last year. As they say, let well alone: external changes in shape Defender a minimum. The lattice of an air inlet on a right wing has appeared only, and the new cowl has lost an arm for a spare wheel.

The circuit of transmission at updated Defender has remained former – a constant full drive with blocking interaxal differential and demultiplier.

Let’s glance under a cowl? Here where the main new thing – a turbodiesel in working volume 2,4 l capacity 122 h.p disappears. Now in scale Defender – already 14 updatings with three sizes of wheel base: 90, 110 and 130 inches. And to the 60-anniversary of “legend” the appearance special is devoted to version Defender SVX.

Such here they – classics of a cross-country genre …. Also it would not be desirable, that they became some kind of “ last from Mohicans ”, for ever given a up the place elaborate SUV which are appreciated unless only for appearance and thickness of a purse of the driver

Ruslan Zalutski,

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