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European Cars – Overall Review Of All European Car Manufacturers


American and European cars are undoubtedly the most popular cars in the world. While these cars are leading the market, the American and European car brands are poles apart and provide different values for their customers. European car manufacturers consider American cars to be technologically backward while the American carmakers consider European cars to be lacking in design and finesse.

Europeans have always concentrated on building compact cars which are high on technology and provide a more comfortable driving experience for the user. Economy was always an important factor for European car manufacturers so they built cars with smaller engines. Manufacturers like Volkswagen, Renault and Citroen used the smaller engines and a more compact design to build the best possible car that they could. Over time this became the key USP of European cars. Creating fuel efficient cars too was the key concern that European car manufacturers concentrated on while making cars. Users who are seeking used cars should go for European cars if they are looking for a more reliable car brand.

Launched in 1880, Mercedes Benz is one of the most popular European car brands in the world. Ever since then, Mercedes Benz has been responsible for providing users with some of the top level utility as well as luxury vehicles. The brand Mercedes Benz has been synonymous with wealth and class and is the choice of the elite community till date.

Audi was the first European car that provided the left hand drive model to the public. This German car manufacturer is the oldest car manufacturer in the country and is considered a premium car manufacturer in the modern car market.

The Porsche brand is renowned for its performance and speed. The car brand gives an average speed of 190mph and has looks to match it. Recent statistics show that there are approximately 1 million Porsche cars out on the road today and the number is rising steadily.

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