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Doylestown Internet Video, Kodak Zi8 Video Camera Review

There is no question that business people, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to promote themselves or their cause should have their videos on the internet. According to sources, YouTube is the 4th largest search engine, and others are now saying that it has risen up to the 2nd largest. So if people are searching for videos, you need to have yours out there. To start you need a quality video camera but many people are just not sure where to start when looking for quality equipment.

So Many To Choose From
With the large array of video cameras which can record on tape, mini-DVD or memory cards, it can be difficult to pick the right one for the right price. I heard great reviews about the Kodak Zi8 from so many industry sources, that I bit the bullet and bought one. I am so glad I did and I didn’t really need one as I already have a beautiful Canon Vixia HV40 to shoot videos for my business and pleasure.

So why did I invest in an affordable and small video camera? I wanted a good caliber video camera that I could tote in my pocket or pocketbook and be able to take videos on the fly. You never know when a great video opportunity will arise, and now I am prepared to spring into action.

I bought this little gem for under $ 150.00. You can not beat that price for the quality you get from this little video camera. The price has steadily dropped since this camera came out on the market. When comparing apples to apples, this is hard to beat.

Press and Record Quality Video
The first thing that impressed me was the “shoot and view” capability straight out of the box. Once you charge the battery for about 1-2 hours, you are ready to take crisp, colorful video. Just turn on the camera, hit the record button and you’re done. It takes very good quality video without having to read the manual or deal with intricate settings. I just had to choose whether I wanted to shoot in 1080p HD, 720p/60 fps for sports, 720p or WVGA video that is web ready and conserves memory card space. The 720p setting captures video in a size that is pre-set for viewing on your computer, YouTube or Facebook. A surprising feature was how well the Zi8 rendered poorly lit spaces. Even semi-dark rooms or alcoves were well lighted in my video without having to do any fine-tune adjustments.

Review Video Quickly
The viewing screen is an ample 2.5 inches on the diagonal and gives you plenty of room the see your footage. Once you record several video clips you can quickly scan them on your viewing screen and immediately discard the clips you don’t want. Retake any video that didn’t come out to your liking. The process is fast on the Zi8 by just toggling between record and view functions.

Tripod Socket
Many people may discount the use of a tripod, but it is an accessory with so many benefits. The Kodak Zi8 has a tripod socket on the bottom that will mount on a mini-tripod or regular tripod. As the Zi8 only weighs about 4.75 ounces I use a standard Gorillapod tripod whose legs can wrap and grip around objects as well as work as a traditional tripod. Once you have a tripod you can take your own video without needing a cameraman at the helm. It allows you to render a perfectly stable, good looking video. If you use the Gorillapod you can take video from different angles and on multiple surfaces that are impossible to do with traditional tripods.

TV Playback
There are two separate ports to connect your Zi8 to your television via HDMI or AV cable. Shoot your video and watch it on the wide screen immediately. The 1080p setting will give you best results on big, widescreen televisions.

5 megapixel Camera
Do you want to take some still pictures and incorporate them in your final video production? I know I like to mix it up. The Zi8 can take 5 megapixel pictures as well as video. No need to whip out your digital camera, the Zi8 does it all.

External Microphone
This is one feature not found on most pocket video cameras. Good sound quality can make or break your video. With the external microphone socket, you can attach a hand-held directional microphone, lavaliere or wireless lavaliere microphone to the Kodak Zi8 and get superior sound. When I attach my wireless lavaliere microphone I can walk as far away as 30-40 feet from the Zi8 and still get crisp sound. That is a feature that is hard to beat. The wireless lavaliere microphone also has the advantage of focusing on your voice and not all the extraneous noises in your environment.

Quick Computer Upload
This is my second favorite feature after the external microphone. It is the ability to quickly download my video files onto my computer for editing and then uploading to YouTube. There is a pop-out USB port on the bottom corner of the Zi8 that attaches to your desktop computer or laptop for a fast download of files. If you have an Intel iMac or a computer with a memory card slot, just pop the video memory card right into the slot and download without having to fiddle with the USB port.

So now you are ready to take good looking video on the go at a very affordable price. The Kodak Zi8 will take good quality video that you can upload to the internet quickly and easily. Make your movies and get yourself on the internet!

Dianna Conlon Helm is a web video marketing specialist who resides in Doylestown, Bucks County, PA. She helps businesses solidify their brand and increase their exposure through the massive power of internet video syndication. She uses the powerful Traffic Geyser system and is part of the Traffic Geyser community to stay on top of the video marketing industry and its changes.

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