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Digital Photo Recovery: The Best Solutions

Experienced digital photographers have plenty of ways to prevent photos loss. Some of these include backing up files as soon as they are taken, and changing memory cards often to avoid “storing all of their eggs in one basket”. Another is taking good care of the digital camera and its components; storing it in a dry place at a room temperature and avoiding exposure to extreme environments. For newbie photo enthusiasts these rules will prove to be great help.

While preventative measures are important, there are always going to be times when data corruption occurs, and photos get lost. In this case, most professional photographers have on hand trusty photo recovery software. With this software, accidental deletion, corruption or loss of stored data is not a real problem. As the name suggests, good photo recovery software can retrieve or recover deleted, formatted, or even corrupted photo files.

How Photo Recovery Software Works

Data recovery application work by scanning the storage drives of your digital camera whether a memory card or a compact flash card, for deleted and formatted photos. Photo specific data recovery programs know the advanced algorithms that digital cameras use to remove and re-write over pictures. In most cases, as long as you have not used the memory card and re-written over your lost pictures, yourpictures should be retrievable.

The top photo recovery programs are easy to use and work very quickly. Many times, they can also recover the photo files in their original quality. Disk Doctors Photo recovery and Odboso Photo Retrieval are two available programs of this sort. Both are superior in their features and hold a reputable name in the market.

How to Use Photo Recovery Software

Simply download the free demo for either windows or Mac (only Disk Doctors offers a mac version). Once installed, you simply connect the digital camera, memory card or CF card on the computer. Most digital cameras have an enclosed USB cable for this purpose. Use the cable to access the affected memory card or the digital camera. The faster USB port (USB 2.0 port) is always better. It allows instant data transfer between the computer and the digital device. An SD slot is also available for memory cards. The computer automatically detects the portable device. You just need to run the software and it will scan the device for any photo files. After the quick scan, it will inform you of the deleted or corrupt media files. Disk Doctors or Odboso recovery software retrieve all the photos without altering its qualities, size and resolution – making them the perfect recovery software.

Disk Doctors Photo recovery

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