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Digital Photo Recovery: All You Need to Know

Of course it’s frustrating when an important digital photo is deleted or lost. I can still remember the feeling of helplessness I felt when I realized that all of my photos had been lost in the middle of backpacking trip through Southeast Asia. If this has happened to you as well, and your digital camera pictures have been accidentally deleted or formatted, all the information you need to easily retrieve them is below.

How do digital photos get lost?

The most common causes of memory card data loss are power interruptions, accidental deletion, and virus infection. Here you will find a few steps that you can take to avoid these miscues.

Preventing Data Loss

Always alternate memory cards while you are on a trip or at an extended photo shoot. By using this method, if one of your memory cards is defective, then you will have saved some of your pictures on the other card. Another trick is to be aware of your battery life. If your digital camera batteries are low, you should change them immediately. A major source of accidental picture loss is letting the camera run out of batteries while it is writing pictures to the memory card. To avoid virus infection, never connect your memory card or camera to computers that you do not trust.

If you suspect that the memory card is corrupt, stop using it right away as you risk overwriting the missing pictures. Still, the best way to avoid losing photo files is to back them up.

How Photo Recovery Works

If you are past prevention and you fear you have lost your pictures, have no fear, there’s an easy method to recover them. Photo recovery works by accessing the deleted pictures that are inaccessible to the camera or computer, restoring lost photos before they have been written over by newer images.

For the most trustworthy software, I recommend Disk Doctors Photo Recovery. Disk Doctors has data recovery centers all over the world and great tech support. If you can’t get the software working through the step-by-step wizard, live data recovery technician will help you over the phone. Step by step process is as follows:

After you’ve downloaded the free version of the software, connect your device (camera, phone, hard drive, etc.) to the PC or laptop. Once plugged in, the computer recognizes the card reader and the memory card, you can run the software and follow the on-screen steps. In most cases, you will be able to recover your photos at this point. If the computer does not detect your device, there might be a hardware error and you might need a local data recovery service to have it repaired.

Photo Recovery Works

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