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Decoration Of Knowledge: Expert Wallpaper Selection Xiangjie The Decoration Of Children – The

Many designers are in favor of the children room wallpaper, is said to be considered from two perspectives: First, do not be afraid Environmental protection ; Second, children always grow up, inevitably wallpaper grass is always greener. However, these issues are clearly not beat wallpaper manufacturer.

Childhood years can be said that everyone in the world one of his most important memories, it is rich or not, fun or not, on the memories of people, well-being of their own childhood to meet the important standards or 1. As parents, how to provide the children a rich childhood, complete, which requires us from the material and spiritual aspects to work on. Mental care for children, to guide children Education Children how to face the world, and with what attitude and outlook on life, world outlook, the face of society, most parents may have noticed the. The material on how to better meet the child’s needs? Material is a very broad concept, which involves every aspect of people’s lives, every corner, from the Home Point of view, is to give children a better living environment. At this point, your child Decoration A good children’s room is very important. How good boy room decoration is a complex issue. Perhaps, when the infatuation of the parents who worry about how to deal with when the room walls, you can also consider using wallpaper to enrich the children room decoration element. And how to choose the children room wallpaper, it is a very knowledgeable of the issues.

Children’s Room Design to safety
Child is the greatest treasure the parents heart, not by a little bit hurt.
Similarly, the arrangement of home design and decoration, you can not allow children to be children any harm is the first point of the room decoration. Using the apparatus of choice in children, the adults should avoid using sharp, with injurious Furniture .

The most important environmental protection, the replacement is not easily distressed
In the material, the children’s room decoration of the most important point is that pollution prevention to environmental protection. This is because children’s ability to resist external contamination than adults. Growth stage of the child cardiopulmonary and other organ functions are still under development, respiratory rate than adults, nearly 30% of the capacity of the liver and other organs of detoxification is not enough.

Thus, although the type of wallpaper range from raw materials to points, there are paper-based wallpaper, there are Textile Body surface wallpaper, wallpaper, and natural materials are PVC wallpaper and other surfaces, but the children’s room wallpaper is better to use paper-based wallpaper, because the wallpaper is made from paper production, permeability, and cracks are durable, have good environmental nature. Although natural materials and surface wallpaper material is the type of natural environment, but because of its high price and poor durability and fire resistance are not suitable for lively, destructive children to use. Therefore, as compared to other paper-based wallpaper wallpaper, the room is more suitable for use in children, because of its relatively inexpensive price, children like new things, long-term use of the same color of the wallpaper, and sometimes make a child sick; and child hyperactivity, wallpaper paste will soon be destroyed, to be replaced, such replacement is not going to let the parents are too distressed.

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