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Decorating With Metallic Wallpaper

When thinking about different wallpaper prints, metallic designs do not normally spring to mind. Metallic wallpaper, however, is very popular, and it is available in a multitude of designs and colors. This style of wallpaper is particularly well suited for use in a modern room. It can be used to cover all of the walls in a room, or it can be showcased on an accent wall. Different metallic wallpapers create different effects on the walls, so when deciding on which metallic wallpaper to include in a room’s design, think about the desired, finished look of the room.

Mylar Mirror Magic
While Mylar may not be synonymous with wallpaper, it is certainly used for more than balloons. Mylar wallpaper is generally very reflective, and it is extremely shiny. It reflects light into the room in much the same way that a mirror would. While it may be fun to coat the walls of a room in plain Mylar, there are also many derivatives of Mylar that create shimmering effects on a room’s walls. Flocked Mylar brings together the reflective quality of Mylar while pairing it with the soft texture of flocking. Glitter Mylar is also popular, and it creates a rainbow filled shimmer on the walls, because it fractures the light as it bounces off of the wall. Mylar wallpaper can be expensive, but is it also creates a show stopping effect in any room.

Real Metallic Texture
There are also metallic wallpapers that have textured effects offering expressive tactile and visual presentations. The most common textures are strand, bead or flock surfaces for the wallpaper. The flock surface is very similar to the traditional velvet flock that appears on regular wallpaper, and the only difference is that it has a metallic backdrop. Much like the standard bead wallpaper, beaded metallic wallpaper is striking, and because of the metallic background, it creates an amazing, shimmering look for the beads. The overall effect of the wallpaper is stunning making the slightly higher price of the wallpaper well worth the cost. For a woven texture pattern in a metallic wallpaper, strand metallic wallpaper is the best choice. This type of wallpaper not only adds the depth of texture to the walls, but it also adds the reflective quality of metal. Any of these wallpapers create a show stopping focal point for a room, and when used in small doses, they can be used very effectively as accents for a room.

Magical Iridescence
When looking for a really spectacular metallic application for a modern space, consider using iridescent wallpaper with metallic underpinnings. This paper has a magical sheen to it as it changes colors depending on vantage points. Like a giant bubble floating in the sunlight, the iridescent colors shimmer and shift in the sunlight. This same quality can be applied directly to the walls of any room with iridescent metallic wallpaper. This wallpaper is on the expensive side, but it works well as an accent wall in any room. The unique appearance of this wall application will truly elevate the ambiance of a room.

Incorporating metallic wallpaper into any room gives it a more contemporary vibe. With the constant flow of new designs, texture and styles for metallic wallpaper, some of the newer and more subtle finishes can be successfully included in a traditional room as a stunning accent. Including metallic wallpaper in any room’s design adds a delightfully unexpected design element to the space.

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