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Conair Hair Dryer Reviews

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by DVS1mn

Conair hair dryers are very popular and for good reason: they come with nice features and with some of the latest technology at prices that most people can afford. But, having said that, there are one or two things that could be improved on.

The main things to look for when buying any hair dryer are motor size, weight, attachments, warranty and ‘negative ions’.

The more powerful the motor, the quicker your gets dried – and don’t let anyone tell you different. Power is determined by wattage; the more watts, the more power. An appliance of professional quality should have a minimum of 1800 watts and many Conair hair dryers come with 1875 watt motors – even ones specifically built for travel and compactness like the Ionic Cord-Keeper (169P).

Attachments are important, though not everyone wants the same ones. You should expect to get a concentrator as standard. If you want a diffuser, you should make sure it’s ceramic. Again, Conair fairs well in this department, with many models coming with various attachments (and made from ceramic) – the Infiniti Professional Tourmaline Ionic Styler being a very good option.

Companies that believe in their products, stand by their products. The warranty of Conair hair dryers is very good and surpasses many other manufacturers’.

If you don’t know about negative ions, you should do. Basically, positive ions are bad as they open up the cuticle of a hair shaft, which leads to moisture loss, frizz and heat damage. But, negative ions are great for hair. They seal the cuticle while breaking down water droplets into very small droplets, which quickens up drying time and allows water to be absorbed into the hair shaft thereby hydrating it, giving it a glossy, smooth and healthy look.

Unfortunately, traditional hair dryers produce lots of positive ions. You need to avoid them and look for ones that produce negative ions. Look for ones that are labeled as ‘ionic’, ‘ceramic’ and ‘tourmaline’. An appliance that produces negative ions will have one or a mixture of the three components.

Nearly all Conair appliances produce negative ions. The Conair Infiniti range is really good and is very competitively priced.

My personal favorite hair dryer from Conair is the Infiniti Hair Designer. It’s pretty unique as it has been designed to both dry and straighten hair at the same time. The company claims that you can do away with both your hairbrush and flat iron. And its claim is well founded, with many consumer reviews giving it a very high score. But, one word of warning: it can be quite tricky and cumbersome to use at first; before you use it, look at the DVD that’s supplied, as it shows you exactly how you should use it for best results.

However, they are one or two minor downsides to many of its dryers. Firstly, the cord length isn’t the most generous, with many only coming with a 7 foot cord length – many other brands come with a minimum length of 9 feet. Cord length may not be an issue for everyone, but drying the back of your head can be a real pain-in-the-neck if the cord doesn’t quite reach.

Another criticism is about the weight of most of the blow dryers. Most are on the heavy side. Other manufacturers are offering appliances that can weigh only half as much. For instance, the best selling Infiniti Designer hair weighs a hefty 3.45lbs.

Many customer reviews of Conair hair dryers give them an overall high rating – depending on model. I tend to agree; they may not look the most stylish, be the lightest, or be as cutting edge as other brands but there’s no denying that you get a very good product at a very good price.

Follow the links for the Conair hair dryer range as well as other brands like the Solano hair dryer and decide for yourself which is the best hair dryer for you.

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