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Cobra Radar Detector – Reviews


When searching through Google for reviews on Cobra radar detectors you’ll find many reviews for and against this brand. You’ll need to really sort through these with the mindset of why consumers write reviews. The fact negative reviews exist really doesn’t mean anything as just about all products will have a mixture of both. A consumer is much more likely to write a review from a bad experience than a good one. When most individuals purchase a product they do so under the assumption that the product will perform to a certain standard, obviously if this notion didn’t exist no one would purchase the product. So when it performs as it says you don’t think twice, however when it deviates from your expectations it can cause anger and frustration leading to more frequent reviews among that group.

I perused through the Cobra radar detector reviews and was able to quickly ascertain their higher end products had very few negative reviews suggesting a very good product. The main complaint was that Cobra marketed some of their products as undetectable to radar detector detectors. Cobra’s are known to be very noisy even other radar detectors pick them up so obviously RDD’s would have no problem picking up the unit. When you get into the fine print of this marketing campaign you’ll find they only have the ability to detect RDD’s, they don’t push the performance of this stealth feature. Since RDD’s have been re-engineered they’ve been rendered completely susceptible to detection, so do not count on these units to be undetectable. Besides that minor flaw the high end portion of the line like the XRS-9960G perform very well even against Escort and Beltronics detectors that are $ 200 more. You’ll find a higher frequency of poor reviews among the lower end Cobra radar detectors but this is expected as the units obviously aren’t fully loaded or as sensitive. The lower end units will serve the purpose for many drivers who don’t see the need to drop $ 200 on a radar detector.

Mitch Hawkins

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