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I am writing this quick review of my clear pores experience.  It is so true just like any product out there you are going to get good and bad reviews.  I have to say that this product has worked fine for me and has helped me get rid of my acne for good.

You Can Read My story of using clear pores HERE!

I had terrible acne on my cheeks and forehead and I had to act fast as I was sick of the embarrassment and my self esteem was shot to an all time low with my acne problem.  I will be real honest here as this product took several weeks to actually start working.  I would not call it a miracle cure but an all natural cure.  I spent 3 months before I actually started to see the full results that I was after.

Finally after three months my cheeks are smooth and my forehead no longer looks like a zit farm LOL.  I had to write a review because I was really shocked to see all of the negative results out there on Clear Pores reviews. I thought acne was going to plague me forever and I was going to have to hide in a cave or something.

Just to make things clear that my acne got a lot worse before it got way better. This is the bacteria in your system getting out .  This is actually a real good sign that your body is removing all of the nasty bacterial toxins that are causing all of your acne in the first place.

Try to stay away from mirrors at first and stay positive. It will get a lot better soon, I promise.  I can tell you that I have tried a lot of acne treatment products out there and Clear Pores has worked great for me and I would recommend it to anyone that has moderate to severe acne problems. This concludes my clear pores reviews.

I have used Clear Pores acne treatment and it has my skin looking beautiful again…

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