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Are you a lover of classic movies? Or would you like to be, if only you knew of somewhere you could find out more about them so that you could make an informed choice of which you might like? Go to Movie Vault for a vast range of movie reviews, written by non-industry reviewers (people just like you), movie news, and more!

We all love to sit at home, either on our own or with a partner, friends, or family, with a great movie to laugh, cry, or even talk over! But movies have been around for so long now that its really hard to sift through those you might and might not like. At Movie Vault you can read movie reviews by members of the public to get a really unbiased opinion, so that you can make a properly informed selection before you download or rent a movie. Use the site regularly, and youll probably find the reviewers with the closest views to your own, and you can then search for movie reviews by those people, for the best chance of finding a movie youll really like.

The selection of almost 2,500 movies reviewed goes back to 1914, and there are nearly 100 reviewers to get to know along the way! You can also vote for your favorites, like (or not) on Facebook, and generally have fun finding out more about the movies themselves, the cast, directors, producers, and more. And if you want to write movie reviews yourself, well, then, go ahead and join the team! If you dont want to write a full movie review, you can also post your own opinion and comments on the forum on the website.

Theres also a whole list of articles on the latest movie news, including movies just out, already running, out on DVD or downloadable, upcoming movies, and movie industry gossip and chat. If youre into movies, and want to know whats hot and whats not, in Hollywood, Bollywood, or anywhere else for that matter, check out the movie news on Movie Vault.

Be the first among all your friends to know the latest classic movie news by signing up to Movie Vault. If you want to, you can invite them to join themselves, or just forward details of a movie you fancy, to see if theyd like to join you, either for a trip to a movie house, or on your home sofa for a more intimate viewing. If youve read the movie news, youll also be able to impress your work colleagues with your knowledge on the subject, and maybe even persuade them to join you in an office outing to something you particularly want to see, but would rather not go on your own (that scary classic movie youve been meaning to go to as soon as you can find someone to hold your hand in case of emergencies, for example, or the love story you know youll cry at, and need a guiding hand to lead you teary-eyed out of the theater, or pass you tissues at just the right moment!).

Check out Movie Vault for the best in Movie Reviews , Movie News , and more, and get the information you really need from those who really know!

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