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Choosing a Digital Video Camera

Capturing life’s precious moments is a priceless pastime and one that has become much easier since the advent of digital cameras and digital video cameras. Fortunately, prices have fallen dramatically for these devices over the past several years, even as features and image quality have continued to improve. It is now possible to purchase extremely compact video cameras with a variety of different feature sets and color options, including many pink digital cameras.

Although the financial commitment associated with a digital camera purchase is not as significant as it once was, it’s still important that the buyer consider their options carefully, so as not to end up with a machine that doesn’t fulfill their needs. At the same time, it’s critical that the buyer consider how their needs might evolve so that their purchase can accommodate their improved photography skills. The following article contains some basic factors that must be considered before making the commitment to plunk down hard earned money on a new digital video camera.

Digital video cameras are separated primarily by their image quality, including their format (standard or high definition), lens type (standard or image stabilized) and sensor type, also referred to as resolution. Typically, those that are looking for the latest and greatest in cool tech gadgets will prefer the high resolution, feature-rich models, while those looking for a budget friendly option will choose the no frills models. Both types of cameras will give the user high quality video, though there are obvious differences for those that can discern them. For those that can’t tell the difference between standard and high definition, it may still be worthwhile to purchase an HD capable camera in case the need or desire to shoot in HD arises sometime down the road.

Image quality also depends on the type of memory card or recording media used, since many of the smaller cards tend to compress the content, which essentially reduces its quality. Many of the newer cutting edge cameras feature solid state drives, which are similar to hard drives. The drive is contained within the camera itself, allowing for a more compact design and easy searching. The downside is that these drives tend to be expensive and are generally lower in capacity than some of the other media options. Other media options include compact tape cassettes (MiniDV) and mini CD and DVD discs.

Another important factor to consider is the type of connections included with the camera. Some users will need features such as an HDMI port, accessory shoe (for microphones and video lights), firewire port or even a LANC connector. For those that don’t need these features, it’s good to know that nearly all modern digital video cameras come standard with computer interface capability and television connectivity.

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