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Chesterfield Village Apartments Reviews


here are some reviews about the apartment
The Place Is Good

From: -Anonymous- 
Date posted: 7/28/2010 
Years at this apartment: 2008 – 2010 

i completelly disagree with everything i’ve heard…Especially because some of these reviews or complaints are from almost 7 years ago and now they want to complain…the place is friendly, quiet, it has beautiful pools. it has beautiful playgrounds. as far as violence..violence itself doesn’t have an address. anything can happen anywhere,, but i can say that is pretty much under control. Being here has been a nice experience overall.


No Recommendation Here


From: -Anonymous- 
Date posted: 5/23/2010 
Years at this apartment: 2002 – 2003 I had the unlucky experience of living in Chesterfield Village for 1 long year. The place is a crime ridden trash hole. In fact the person across from me was outside firing a pistol on new years 2003. I was able to smell marijuana on a regular basis. In fact I think the gentleman that lived above me was a dealer. He was usually pretty friendly though. Police units were always in the complex. There was one night I went to take out the trash, and I counted 12 police units. Some major bust in the building across from
me. Now getting to the apartment it’s self. The floors to the cabinets were all rotting. The apartment rug was crap. 


I would not recommed this place to anyone. No matter how much you hate it they will not let you out of your lease. I tried trust me. Once you sign your stuck there. If you try to terminate early it will cost big bucks. Heck they tracked me down after I moved out and made me pay a 40.00 charge for stained carpet. I did not leave a forward address or anything. My number was unlisted as well. But they still found me. I don’t know how such a crap hole is even allowed to exist. AD2Hw9Wn8Umb3NN1w1jt


Rise In Violence


From: -Anonymous- 
Date posted: 2/21/2010 
Years at this apartment: 2008 – 2010  I’ve lived here for almost two years and haven’t had any major problem until now. According to the Chesterfield County police department, this development is a recruiting area for different gangs including the Latin Kings. I have never SEEN gang activity with my own eyes, but there have been several assaults and even a stabbing. I found a 15-year old kid, beaten up in front of my building. That was the last straw.

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