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Cars To Get Smartphone Applications In New Genre Of Cars

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by DVS1mn

For all those car aficionados who were missing smartphone applications on their power vehicles will be pleased to know that soon the smartphone features will be available in the cars. The experts are working on new technology on the car application in which the passengers could download the song they wish to hear. Well probably this new technology will passe the use of CD or USB in the cars. The generations are changing and with that the needs too. Technologically, the auto sector has been advancing and always looking for future needs.

Olga Kharif, mentioned in an article, that, the General Motors engineer are working in the OnStar facility has assembled a new vehicle which they perceived as an electronic machine which can run the same applications in TVs, smartphones and tablets. The article also mentioned that, the biggies such as GM and Nissan in auto industry are working towards New Cars technologies to be affixed in its wagons.

It is speculated that Nissan Leaf the EV which will be out in December, will be iPhone friendly which will help in checking the electric charge of the car and also receive updates on the iPhone when charge will malfunctions. 2011 Ford Fiesta comes with an option to download Applink software, which supports various smartphone applications.

Steve Schwinke, the director of advanced system development at the OnStar stated that, it was a brainstorming of new and various ideas on board. It also said that, in 2015, it is calculated that the automotive application users will be to 28 million or more over 2010’s 1.4 million, researched in Oster Bay, N.Y. Schwinke added that, soon there will be transformation more in the segments of the car. He made a point while saying that, the companies are indulging in making technologies which will be pleasing the selected population of car lovers.

Well cars are coming with various other applications too. As per the reports, other then General Motors, Ford, Nissan and BMW are also coming with technological advanced features in its cars such as phones which can be used to operate various car functions like downloading music, videos and more through wireless connections.

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