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Canon VIXIA Camcorder Reviews


THIS SEASONS MOST STELLAR Performance IS NOT BEHIND THE CAMERA: IT IS THE CAMERA. Canon VIXIA is the leading light in innovative photography and camcorder technology. Canon has hit the high mark again with its breakthrough Canon VIXIA High Definition camcorders, offering the pest in HD image quality, plus a range of recordings formats to perfectly suit your lifestyle. Like the ideal companion the VIXIA is nimble, smart, stylish, and flexible but don’t let the good loons or playfulness fool you this is serious technology. As always. Canon is focused on superior image quality and performance.

ViXIA camcorders we redefining high definition video. Featuring Genuine Canon Optics and Canon’s advanced proprietary video technologies, this exciting Canon VIXIA line-up of high definition camcorders sets new standards for imaging excellence. Known as an innovator, designing and manufacturing lenses for its legendary SLR cameras and broadcast TV lenses, Canon’s HD Canon camcorders are the only ones on the market packing over 70 years of optical expertise. In the Canon VIXIA the Full HI CMOS Image Sensor captures Full HD information at 1920×1080 resolutions, packing in more visual information for a better quality image. The DIGIT DV II image Processor of the Canon VIXIA is optimized for HD quality and is the brains behind the beauty. As you Shoot the Canon VIXIA, this little genius determines the output format to optimize image quality for superior color reproduction contrast, and clarity, brilliantly evident in true skin tones and in particularly light and dark settings. Select Canon model also features 24Mbps Recording-the highest bit rate available in AVCHD-offering lifelike tonal quality and finer detail.

Canon VIXIA is ideal for sports or adventure travel, VIXIA camcorders move with you, without creating motion sickness on playback! Its Super Range Optical Image Stabilization uses two detection on methods (gyro and vector) to sense and correct a wide range of vibration for more stable images on the go. The Instant Auto focus system of the Canon uses both external and internal sensors for the kind of speed and accuracy essential for high definition.

These high-performance VIXIA camcorders also offer high level recording modes. For more artful videos, switch to 24p cinema mode for a cinematic feel. For optimal quality when posting video to the web, switch into 30p Progressive Mode.

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