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Canon Toner Cartridges Reviews


Canon Toner Cartridges are one of the most trusted, top priority brands which are obtainable at the cheaper price among all its competitors. Canon holds patent of over 1000 products in the area of cartridges manufacturing technology and is enlisted in top three patent holders since last decade. Canon comes with a unique but extremely user friendly idea of separate ink tanks of different colours within a single cartridges. Canon cartridges are often used in non-canon printers, particularly apple,digital, and panasonic. Compatible cartridges have become more complicated and diverse because of the sheer number of brand name printers out there that they aim to serve.

It just so happens they are not made by the brand-name manufacturer that made your printer, but the compatible cartridges are compatible with your brand-name printer anyway. It may be difficult to refill compatible cartridges at the start if you don’t know what you are doing. It was smart for canon to “keep it simple”, in other words they do not employ any technology such as chips that will disable your printer. Some cartridges are very expensive because they have the print head built into them. Why would you want to replace your print head every time you replace a cartridge?

Canon Toner Cartridges are good quality, but the addition of a chip to encourage you to buy more at a predetermined usage is very unwelcome. You can feel confident that our canon ink cartridges are designed for your printer model. Click on you printer to select the correct printer cartridges for your machine. If your canon printer is not listed, contact us and let us know. We’ll add it to the list and find the cartridges you need. All other products are new compatibles, we do not sell original name-brand cartridges. Canon toner cartridges are selected for their combination of quality and value.

In addition, our warehouses stock every item you see on our website, so that dispatch often occurs on the same day you place your order. Some cartridges can be professionally recycled more than once. There have been great advances in ink cartridge recycling technology over the last few years and continuing research and innovation ensures that each compatible print cartridge will deliver the highest quality printing at a fraction of the price. All refill kits come with step by step instructions, all tool s necessary, specific inks for the cartridge you have, and free technical support if necessary. Please choose the cartridge number you have to see details on available refill kits.

The current “generic” cartridges ink printer ships without the chip. I tried gluing a chip from an empty canon cartridge to a new “generic” cartridge and it worked fine, but the process was a little too messy for my taste; and canon makes it difficult to try and use a “refill kit” on its cartridges. The oem ink tanks are inexpensive and each color has it’s own ink tank meaning you won’t have to replace a three color cartridge when all it needs is yellow ink.

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