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Calorie Shifting Diet Reviews


Calorie Shifting is one of the most popular eating plans in the world and is predominately used in the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet. Tens of thousands of people have used this nutritional program to lose weight and so this isn’t a new invention or some unproven system. There is little doubt that shifting your calories can help you to shed weight.

But what is calorie shifting really?

Calorie Shifting is an eating method which was created to try and combat one of the main causes why so many diets fail: metabolic slowdown.

In most diets, you’re required to deprive your body of sufficient calories and/or of a particular nutrient like carbs or fat. This can lead to a quick weight loss since your body has no choice but get calories and nutrients from what it has stored, but this is only a short term solution since the body has a defense mechanism called metabolic slowdown.

You see, our body doesn’t like to go to its stores to get the food it needs to keep us alive. It has a survival mechanism which slows down our metabolism to make sure that our body uses less calories and nutrients. In this way, our body protects us against starvation. When your metabolism is slow, the rate in which you lose weight will slow down as well and eventually come to a standstill.

When you go on a diet which causes metabolic slowdown, you may lose weight in the beginning, but this will quickly stop. In fact, because your body is burning less and less calories, pretty soon you will start gaining weight back, even if you’re eating very little.

To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, you have to avoid deprivation diets. One way to do so and still lose weight is to use calorie shifting. When you shift your calories, you’re basically changing the type of calories that you eat from one meal to the next. What this does is allow you to ‘trick’ your metabolism into believing you’re not dieting when you are.

In this way, you lose weight without slowing your metabolism. This allows you to lose weight and keep it off in the future. That’s why this is a good way to lose weight as long as you stick to the eating plan.

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