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BYO Audio – A Video Streaming Review

 Now if you are considering internet advertising and marketing and need audio and video, you can simplify the process. Adding video and audio can help make you stand out amongst the crowd. Audio/Video engages the senses in a way that the printed word alone can’t do and it all can do in a matter of minutes. Their software handles all formats required by Windows Media or Quicktime. Just upload, then paste one line of code to your website and Internet users can watch your videos instantly. You may also record straight from your desktop using there exclusive Video Web Recorder technology. All you need is a webcam. Place as many video players on as many web pages as you like. You don’t need to know HTML to add your videos to your website. You simply need to be able to cut and paste. I have reviewed this service as a satisfied customer for over 2 years know. This article gives a brief review of services but I highly suggest visiting their company website for a complete list of features too many to list in this short segment.

BYO Audio lets you create audio recordings instantly with an inexpensive microphone. Just plug your microphone into your computer and use the online recorder. Then turn the recording into HTML, copy and paste it into your website or landing page. Their software also gives you the option to place a hyperlink that takes your visitor to a BYO web page where the player can be played there. Hyper links work great for emails and email marketing campaigns. Record your audios from anywhere, anytime.

Choose the look of the player as well. With over fifty players to choose from, you can select a player button style; change the button shape, the button foreground and background colors, and even the button size. You can have the Audio auto-play when the page is opened, or have the audio loop to replay over and over. You can even make the button invisible if you want. Be assured that the players can be placed anywhere on your page.

BYO Audio provides a meaningful affiliate plan which pays a generous 33% commission for every referral that joins. Just 3 referrals and your monthly service is free. You can also use any of several publishing options such as Website Audio, Video, and Podcasting to help build your affiliates. All customers that convert off the free trial yield a 33% commission to their referrer of their monthly subscription fee. We come up with new ways to help our affiliates earn commissions every day. From your accounts back office the company provides easy to understand instructions for use. With the 30 day trial you get plenty of time to take the system on a test drive. Sorry I forgot, the cost is just under $ 20 per month. I personally prefer it to using embedded YouTube videos for the reason that it keeps your visitor on your site and doesn’t give them a way to click away, at least not by clicking on the video. Drive it, play with it, you can’t break it.

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Walt has become successful through proper mentoring and being a part of a team dedicated to helping others learn the secrets to internet marketing. Internet Marketing Is Not Secret or Magic Once You Learn The Trick. Http://www.WalterHRice.Com

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