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Bring New Life To Your Photo Collection With A Photo Collage Maker

Creating a photo collage for your photo collection is a great way to present them in an exotic and unique manner. Using a photo collage maker, you can create superb photo collages and have artistic, professional-looking results which you can then publish on the Internet or share with your friends and family. To create the perfect photo collage, all you need is an ideally large selection of photos for creating a digital mosaic. Each photo will act as one cell of the photo collage. To carry out the process of making the photos into a beautiful collage presentation, only a few clicks and basic setting of preferences is required. Photo Collage maker will then do the rest of the hard work for you, providing you with top quality results in the shortest possible time. You can find out more information on the software at . There is also a photo gallery available where you can look at a large selection of stunning photo collages made with this software.

Creating professional and high quality photo collages with Photo Collage Maker is a simple and fast five step process. What you need is a large selection of picture files and an original picture, preferably one that is large and high resolution. The latter is the master image. To begin using the software, you select this master image. This is the image that will be seen when you look at the photo collage from a distance. Secondly, you will need to select the pictures that you will want to use for the cells of the photo mosaic. The more images you have, the better the results will be. For optimal results, a couple of thousand images is great. These images do not need to be in very high resolution and, if you do not have enough photos yourself, you can often download free sets of images from the Internet.

When you have chosen the master image and the images for the tiles, you can start the process with a single click. There are many extra configuration settings which you can alter at this stage using Photo Collage Maker to provide you with more personalized results. Alternatively, you can let the software carry out the process of building the photo collage completely automatically. When the collage has been created, you can review it and adjust various settings to create the perfect result that you are looking for. Adjustments which you can make include the possibility to rotate, move and resize tiles or replace them if required. Finally, the finished photo collage can then be saved in a variety of popular supported formats including BMP, JPEG, TIFF or PNG.

Artensoft’s Photo Collage Maker comes with plenty of extra tweaks and settings that you can use to get more suitable results for your specific requirements. This provides even the most demanding users with an opportunity to fully unleash their creativity.

To use the software, you do not need a very powerful system, though it will work more efficiently on a more powerful machine. No third party tools are required.

Adam Jones uses a photo collage maker to design professional looking photo mosaics for his growing collection of travel photography.

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