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Brilliant Compensation Plan Video Network Marketing Review

The first thing you have to do according to the Brilliant Compensation Plan Video is focus on products that have huge market potential and are expanding. Brilliant Compensation Plan Video states that success in business requires repeat sales from consumable products. You also need to be able to focus on being in front of the trends. The Baby Boomers create the largest trends in the world. From 1946 and 1964 76 million babies were born in the US and One Billion Worldwide. They control 64% of all the money in the world.

So what you want to do is focus on what these billion people need. Right now they are starting to become elderly and want ailments to help with their health problems. And this is why the health industry is so important to get in. So you should not have a loyalty to something just because you are educated in it or have been doing it a long time. Every 8 seconds one of the Baby Boomers turns 60 years old, and they don’t like what aging is doing to them.

Business that focus on retirement issues will do very well. So will businesses having to do with Wills & Estates. The Generation X was created right after the baby boomers. When a bright Generation X person creates a product they have to make it simple enough for anyone to use. They also recommend in the Brilliant Compensation Video not to trade time for money. They said many run themselves to death without sitting down and really think about what it takes to create real wealth.

According to the Brilliant Compensation Plan Video there’s no way to get where you want without employing leverage through the efforts of others. For example if you employ just 3 people to work for you that work 8 hours per day and work 8 hours per day yourself, you’ve just leveraged 32 hours per day that day. But the problem with having employees work for you, they won’t work as hard because they don’t receive the same benefits as you do in a typical brick and mortar business.

However in Network Marketing these people in your organization have the potential to earn everything you earn. You can have someone in your downline that earns much more than you because he brought in a lot more direct referrals and you only earn a small percentage of what they make. But in a Brick & Mortar business, since there’s not as much incentive for employees, may allow you to train them, then they’ll break away from you at the earliest possible opportunity so they can make what you make.

The main perception of a pyramid is that all the people at the top make all the money and do none of the work and the people at the bottom are the workers and the least paid. However this may be true in the Corporate Structure, but in Network Marketing you get paid based on what you are worth and everyone really has the same opportunity to grow their business as large as they want to. This is the distinction the Brilliant Compensation Plan Video is trying to make. In Network Marketing you are always the CEO of your own business and why it is the most honest and most fair business structure around.

An impressive resume or years of seniority doesn’t mean anything, and it doesn’t prove productivity. And the Harvard Business school didn’t use to teach Network Marketing. But after Professor Charles King started investigating it over the months it got approved in the Harvard Business School. Warren Buffet and Donald Trump both own Network Marketing Companies. And the largest companies in the world like Coca Cola, Texas Instruments distribute all their products through a Network Marketing structure.

The Brilliant Compensation Plan Video is a video each Network Marketer needs to listen to at least once. Doing this will show you how important it is for you become involved in Network Marketing. The Network Marketing Industry isn’t perfect by any means, but if you let people lie to you and tell you “It’s dead”  or “It’s Saturated” you will allow the negative thoughts of other people push you off to the sidelines. 15 Million People in the United States and 60 Million People Worldwide are involved in Network Marketing. It isn’t going anywhere, so make sure you get involved in a good company and get your fair share.

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