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Best Ergonomic Keyboards Reviews

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by DVS1mn

Poor posture can spell disaster for your wrists. Stressful work habits, paired with unacceptable workspace peripherals, such as your keyboard, only make matters worse. Your “daily grind” may be grinding your well-being into dangerous territory. Carpel Tunnel is no laughing matter. It can be avoided with new ergonomic keyboards.  Enter SC2.0 “GoldTouch” Ergonomic Smart Card Keyboard. This alternative-to-the-norm ergonomic, human-friendly keyboard will leave you free from worries of discomfort from that stressful part of your life known as work.

The “GoldTouch” Ergonomic Smart Card Keyboard accurately places your hand position in the most natural posture. Its keys are laid out in an arc for maximum comfort, which helps you decrease repetitive movements. It is also designed with security in mind. By integrating smart card technology for positive verification of user identity, it combines tested ergonomic design with a high level of access, communication, and transaction security.

The patented, ergo-friendly “GoldTouch” ergonomic keyboard is the most advanced device of its kind. It  is simple to adjust and even permits the user to change the configuration both horizontally and vertically. This unique ability to adjust your keyboard drastically reduces potential user discomfort. Not only is it comfortable, it is high-tech! There are keys for initiation requests, a zoom button, and other customizable buttons. While these further improve productivity, the exclusive ergonomic characteristics are what differentiate this amazingly clever keyboard.

Where to Get one…

It is important to do your research and know who you are buying from. After all, this is an investment in your very own well-being. Get your ergonomic keyboard from an authorized retailer that specializes in ergonomic office products and lifestyle solutions. The head ergonomist from agrees that this is one of the best investments you can make for your workspace and stresses that “it is extremely important to go to a reliable authorized retailer.” 

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