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Battery News Bigger Than Lithium Batteries?


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What if the car today could be made fuel 50 percent more efficient without adding costs? Could not this the most important thing to hit the automotive industry for several decades? Greater than NiMH? Bigger than lithium? Bigger than any battery?

A single motor new offer just such a possibility.

EcoMotors is a 2-year start-up company that has developed a new type of engine. With a very unique configuration of pistons and cylinders, engine EcoMotor OPOC is not only half the weight and size of conventional motors, it is also 50 percent less fuel than similar engines with the same yield notes DetroitNews.

OPOC is precisely the kind of innovation that will change as we are passionate to Khosla Ventures, Vinod Khosla said, which Dell xps m1210 battery along with Bill Gates pumped $ 23.5 million in the venture.

The innovation that will change.

Can there be an innovation that will change out the plug-in vehicles?

It is obvious.

Although the transition to fuel cell vehicles is extremely important, more and more evidence shows that it can take up to several decades for the pure battery vehicles have a significant impact on oil dependence and emissions. But we have several decades on the basis of decades of dependence on foreign oil?

In addition, such an engine could also make hybrid cars and small plug-in dell xps m1330 battery of hybrid vehicles the type of plug-ins that most analysts and researchers claim the battery offers the most convincing case for more Many consumers much more efficient, and almost certainly cost a lot less expensive than plugging it into the fleet of cars today.

So, is it not important that not too many eggs were thrown into one basket? And, if true, is not competition such as tax credits the only way to properly use our eggs?

One day soon, we may find the Ford Fusion Hybrid OPOC using a motor powered by a form of algae biofuels is not only the greenest solution to end oil dependency, but simply cheapest Dell wr050 battery dell pc764 battery . And its just a combination of potential technologies that are changing the game

Without doubt, the batteries will be crucial for the future, but they could end up being just a piece of the solution, not the whole puzzle. Therefore, should not be much of government is to create competition rather than trying to predict the winning technologies?

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