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Video Editing Software User Interfaces

An important point to take into consideration when deciding on video editing software is the user interface but it needs to be in the context of the whole package. Computer software attempts to copy whatever action you would be doing in the real world. A Word document looks like a blank sheet of paper and […]

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Kef Kht3005se (kht3005)(video Review)cheap Egg 5.1 Av Speakers

Review Of The Black Gloss KEF KHT-3005SE 5.1 Av Home Cinema System With The HTB2SE Active Subwoofer This is a short review of the multi award winning AV speaker system from KEF, known as the KHT3005SE. This system consist of six key components, these include four KHT3005SE satellite speakers, one HTC3005SE centre speaker and a […]

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Winter Wallpapers

If you have a computer you might have winter wallpaper that you use as background. Having different types of models available for use as background images on a computer can be fun. It lets you create custom computers as you would if you were to design a room in your house. You can find free […]

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Tech Gadgets News: Tablets Vs Netbooks


by Chris Devers Man has traditionally been enamored with devices ever since history was recorded. There’s something about widgets that have always roused the attention of people and this is made more obvious with the influx of a few dazzling tech gadgets out in the present market. Not only that, the price-tags for these tech […]

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Making Merry In Car Using The Car Entertainment Equipment


by Department for Transport (DfT) People like to get themselves entertained. Entertainment shall not be confused with recreation since there is a perceptible difference between the two. The former is a type of amusement where the person does not participate directly in the amusement. He merely watches or hears the same but is not doing […]