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Maruti Van Omni Review


by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association The Maruti Suzuki India is the very precious player in the automobile industry. The company has car for everyone in its portfolio and caters to almost every market segment with economic models. With the high competition in the Indian car market, Maruti is facing the tough challenge and […]

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Maruti Baleno Review


by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association Maruti Baleno is the great blend of style, comfort and performance. Maruti Baleno is an unbelievable car to drive. But it is also to be heard that the car is of high price, high cost of spare parts and somewhat staid looks compared to some of its segment. […]

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Limited ReMOTE 37 SL MIDI Keyboard Controller Reviews – keyboard controller – Education Industry


by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association Novation’s ReMOTESL series of fact, we have been before Evaluation See “Novation ReMOTE ZeroSLMIDI controller evaluation,” a text, then Automap1.0 has startled people. Later, with the strong Automap2.0 released, we again carried out with the Nocturn evaluation, please see “in the history of the most stupid controller NovationNocturn […]

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Philips 58pfl9955(58pfl9955h)video Review-21:9 Cinema 3d Led Tv

Review Of The Philips 58PFL9955H/12(58PFL9955) 58 Inch Full 3D 21:9 LED Television With 400Hz And Ambilight Spectra 3 Prepare to be blown away by the incredible Philips 58PDL9955H 58inch LED 21:9 3D televisions Be the envy of all your friends and family, with this superb 21:9 58 inch television with Ambilight spectra 3 hung on […]

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Weekly News in Picture (November 15 – 20)


by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association There are many noticeable events happening every week, called weekly spotlights, related to all the fields of life including culture, society, politics, sport, economics, entertainment, and so on. At each field, there are lots of highlighted events contributing into the huge deal of news and events around the […]

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Flash to Video Converter

The latest software in converting Flash videos has finally arrived and ready for download. Flash to Video Converter Pro combines the latest and innovative technologies in video converting today. With Flash to Video Converter Pro, Macromedia Flash files can be easily converted to various formats that can be viewed and played back into the latest […]

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Audi Used Cars- A Review On Audi A6 Used Cars


by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association Audi used cars are some of the most desirable used vehicles consumers want to buy. So when researching the Audi A6 as a used vehicle, is was no surprise that I came to the conclusion that there is one thing that Germans do better than most other countries […]

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Golf Carts That Can Be Used In Streets- News


by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association Street legal golf carts may be anything from just custom made golf cars to specific purpose electric cars. They not only cost less than conventional cars, but also are eco-friendly and they won’t need any fuel. Places like retirement communities, holiday resorts, camp sites, and of course golf […]