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Whew! LATEST News


by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association In India, the concept of news and its many variants such as latest news, the very popular ‘breaking news’ is losing its value and fast. In India news are becoming more of raving news. The case has been taken to the extreme by the Indian news channels, […]

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5 Channel Car Amplifier


by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association 5 channel car amplifier is must when adding subwoofers or a high-capacity after marketplace speakers. The first thing, you will need to buy amplifiers installation equipment. The kit will include all wires and cables to catch up your amplifier properly for a complete install. The most common discrepancy […]

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Photos: Appreciate The Lake’s “emotions”


by mrjyn Cars would circle around the lake to turn down, tour guides and drivers, Alan, tell us that the goddess of the lake is propelled by tears of grief. Therefore, it is always so quiet, so clean, so to soften. Always thought that this child-like innocent and naive, is already on a lifetime thing, […]

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Hiring Car in Javea


by wfyurasko Benidorm and Javea are two most popular sea-side resorts on the Costa Blanca. Javea locates in a geographically beautiful location. British people who are affluent decide to spend their holidays on the sunny side of the Montgo, Javea. Renting a villa in the summer months can easily set you back two thousand pounds […]

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What Are NASCAR Cars?


by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association Stock car racing was something that was out of owners’ imagine of customized stock (meaning: ‘off the sales lot’) cars to show off their vehicles, craftsmanship and driving expertise. It came from their wish to escape the law enforcement agencies pursuing them when they were running moonshine or […]

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Is Your Car Reliable?


by Chris Devers At a time when added costs hit us hard, we want to make sure our cars are reliable. A recent survey completed has shown the chance of certain types of cars breaking down. Out of the top six, 5 are Japanese cars with Honda topping the charts with only a 10% chance […]

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How to Fix a Club Car Golf Cart Battery: A Short Review


by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association Basically the function of a Golf Cart is to commute the Golf Players inside the Golf course. But now it has totally changed. They are now used in shopping malls, farms, resorts, industries etc. Club Car is one of the top selling brands. They are known for its […]

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Kia Used Cars- A Review On The Kia Sportage


by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association Most people in American and Canada did not know that the Kia Sportage was actually brought to market in 1993 but launched in other places of the world except for North America. Kia used cars from 2000 and on would now start to compete with the likes of […]