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New Mercedes-benz Hong Kong Viano Reviewed


by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association Ten years ago, the range of Mercedes-Benz in Hong Kong were limited to executive C-classes and the occasional Hong Kong sports car. Nowadays the world’s most iconic luxury car manufacturer is putting their own stamp of luxury on all sorts of Hong Kong vehicles, from A-classes to Army […]

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About New Car Gps Units


by brizzle born and bred New vehicle GPS units have revolutionized the way we consider the way we get about, the way we look at our private transport needs, and also the way in which autos are tracked. The use of car GPS units has transformed the automobile market and the way several of us […]

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Video Marketing Distrubution: Making Yourself Known

According to Canadian social media statistics, word of mouth in present time spreads news faster than mass media. And mass media did not slack; word of mouth is just in hyper speed because of social networking and video sharing sites. In the Age of Information, when instant gratification is the trend and more people surf […]

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Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh


by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association New car smell is one of the best scents out there; nothing beats getting in the car and breathing in fresh, clean smelling air. Unfortunately, this scent is difficult to maintain and, eventually, the new car smell will fade away, replaced by the scent of whatever it is […]

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Canvas Photo Prints To Reproduce Family Photos In Large Images

Canvas Photo Prints also known as Giclee Canvas Prints are often used to redesign some of the marvelous and famous pieces of artwork. The highly priced artwork which was once only affordable for the wealthy and noblemen in the past, can now be owned even by a common man. Few years back, the popular artworks […]

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The Benefits of Car Covers


by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association It takes a large investment to buy a recreational vehicle, motorcycle, or new car. It is important that you keep that vehicle looking like new and that is easy to do with a quality car. These days, there is a vehicle cover to meet your need depending on […]

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Car Recycling Is The New Scrap


by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association It has become increasingly apparent that we need to make a shift in consciousness where car recycling is concerned. All too many of us still consider the disposal of a vehicle as simply scrapping something that is no longer useful. But with environmental issues becoming ever more pressing, […]