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Are Expensive Flat Irons Worth The Money?- News


Hair straighteners are now liked to use by most of them. So as the straighteners increase the price of it is also increasing rapidly. This a question commonly raised by many people that are the straighteners worth for the price they pay.

Based on different features the rates of the straighteners vary. One can get a straightener at minimum of $ 10 and maximum of $ 200. So as the rate varies, the quality and performance also differs. To know what the difference is between the different irons is to look at the features of the cheapest iron, normal range and the expensive one. So that anything common in any one can be purchased.

Hair straighteners ranging from $ 10-$ 40 has features like Heat settings which is required to fine hair and as well as hard hair. Low heat is used for fine hair and high heat temperature is used for hard and coarse hair, gold tone sizing 3-4 inch plates and power indicator indicating the levels of power which is best for smoothing and straightening curls.

Straighteners ranging from $ 40-$ 80, comes with the features sapphire ceramic plate switch is not usually best for spreading of heat evenly, Infra red technology which seals the moisture and luster in the hair. Quickly heats up than conventional coil straighteners. It has different temperature levels which suits all types of hairs.

Expensive straighteners range from $ 80-$ 200 has features like scratch resistant, ceramic and tourmaline plates which are durable which comes in 1- 2 inch plates, Infra red and tourmaline which make the vitality of the hair more strongly and seals the cuticles, variable heat settings.

The irons which are of low rate have small width plates and the plates are not ceramic or tourmaline. Though heat settings are present it useful for only thin and fine hair and cannot be used for thick hair.

Normal or mid-range straighteners come with ceramic and tourmaline plates which are wide enough to straighten the hair quickly. This type of straightener comes with good temperature controls which can also be used for hard and thick hair.

Hair straighteners which are expensive come with ceramic and most of them have tourmaline with wide plates which others do not have. Expensive hair straightener costing around $ 195 is recommended by the professionals in the hair industry.

One can buy for any straighteners costing around $ 180 to $ 130 where in all features like temperature control quick heating and with 1 inch wide plates. Good straighteners with good features at affordable rates might come in mere future.

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