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Archos Camcorder Fun Music Video

Latest ARCHOS404Camcorder is the first large-screen ultra-compact portable multimedia player, the built-in camera allows users to freely view and capture video.

Global consumer electronics manufacturer and inventor of a portable video player ARCHOS, ARCHOS404Camcorder upcoming release of its latest product, the product is the industry’s first large-screen portable media player, its built-in camera allows users to freely view and capture video. Through the latest ARCHOS404Camcorder products, consumers can capture video friends, family, and can be easily uploaded to a personal blog website, or directly in the ARCHOS products and on television.

ARCHOS 404 Camcorder Latest ARCHOS404Camcorder both store large amounts of video, pictures and music and other media content, but also arbitrary shooting video and photos, can be easily placed in your pocket, portable, is ideal for the young people and their parents choice. Consumers can use the 404Camcorder to capture the everyday life of video content, and then posted to the blog site for sharing with friends and family. The product is equipped with 30GB hard drive, so you can be up to 75 hours of recorded video content easily into your pocket. 404Camcorder also equipped with a 1.3 million-pixel digital photo camera, and a compact 3.5-inch color screen, complete, and can store up to 130 hours of video, 300,000 pictures or 15,000 tracks.

404 Camcorder and the overall view of the base

ARCHOS404Camcorder is the latest 6th generation of ARCHOS portable media player product line (released earlier this month) is one of two 404 models, which is equipped with a 30GB hard drive, sleek shape and compact size, which makes it the fuselage on the market today The most lightweight large screen player. Through the optional DVR dock accessories, you can 404Camcorder into a portable digital video recorder (DVR). In this way, consumers can directly from TV, DVD player or cable box on, will be the favorite movies and programs, scheduled to take way to record into the product.

“ARCHOS404Camcorder is ARCHO launched a new PMP the most exciting one of the products, it can also present as a small media player, video recorder and video capture devices use the same device to help you keep all of the media content” , ARCHOS founder and CEO of HenriCrohas said. “We expect, 404Camcorder will attract those who deeply love shooting friends and activities, video, and is willing to watch video and listen to music anytime, anywhere young consumers. Also, parents will find products with high quality camera and 3.5-inch screen, will be filming and watching all the activities of children and the perfect platform for video content. This is to start thinking about holiday gifts for those consumers who really is a exciting product. “

ARCHOS404Camcorder will be equipped with a wide range of features, including:

1, to standard MPEG-4 format and VGA resolution (640 × 480) video capture and upload blog site

2, the screen surface has a similar body size is the other 2.5-inch screen size twice as PMP, is very suitable for video playback.

3, can read all standard video formats, to provide full DVD resolution

4, through the optional DVR dock, you can personal television or DVD quality video

5, through an optional DVR dock, can be recorded directly from the television format of high quality video MPEG-4

6, bright 3.5-inch LCD screen, clear, providing 1,600 million colors

7, high-speed picture viewer with zoom, music and transitions

8, advanced music player can display track, artist, album and album cover content

9, compatible with many DVD-quality video on demand (VOD) and online music store application

10, for a variety of easy-to-use accessories to choose from, including TV program recording, direct digital image transmission, hands-free video capture and many other features

11, up to 30GB of hard drive capacity, can store up to 75 hours of personal video, 85 movies, 300,000 pictures or 15,000 tracks

All ARCHOS portable video players are included headset, USB cable, DVR saddle (for connecting the optional DVR recorders use) and protective cover.

About ARCHOS ARCHOS (Archos) is a global consumer electronics manufacturer, is a technology leader in handheld entertainment business. ARCHOS is committed to using the latest technology development and the invention of portable video players, production of audio and video recording, picture browsing and other multimedia applications and other features of digital handheld products, provide users with anytime, anywhere entertainment experience. Archos In the U.S., Europe and Asia with branches or offices. For more information, visit the company web site:

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