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ACN Scam Reviews – Are They True?


ACN scam reviews are found all over the internet and have been the centre of discussions everywhere lately. ACN is a telecommunications company that provides services like internet, local telephone calls, digital phone service and long distance calls. Though their products are a little behind the latest technology, the standard is fairly acceptable. However, when you look a little deeper into the company there will be a few questions that would definitely be asked.

What is the Scam All About?

If you research a little online you will find a lot of ACN scam reviews and a lot of individuals are asking questions about it. Though the company has earned quite a lot of good achievements their reputation has been tarnished over the years. One of the main factors that disfavours the credibility of the company is that their structure is based on the MLM mode, or in other words, pyramid mode. Although it does not mean that all MLM companies are scams, it does raise several questions among people. A lot of experienced marketers would tell you that there are very rarely few MLM companies that are not scams.

How Does the Company Work?

Most of the ACN scam reviews will tell you that as a representative of the company you will have to try recruiting your friends and family. You will also need to spend around $ 400 to get the marketing kit in order to begin. You will also have to pay renewal fees of $ 149 and a monthly fee of $ 10. The thing is that the members are not notified about the extra fees before they sign up. Another major factor that you will have to consider is that you would also have to bear the expense of paying for the bills that are not paid by the people you had signed up. Talks have been going on that other than some of people right at the top of the network, all the others receive very little compensation for their hard work.

To take things further Australian Federal Court banned the activities of the company as a scam when they found it to be violating their trade practices Act, 1974. It is not so surprising then that there is a lot of discussion going on about the company and a lot of unhappy members that can be found today on the internet. For those who have already paid up $ 400 as a signup fee, not much can be done to recover it if they find the company less than favourable to sign up for. The best thing to do would be to research a little more online about ACN scam reviews if you are planning to join the company.

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