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Accessing the Local News with the Samsung Mesmerize


The Samsung Mesmerize is a capable little smart phone released by Korean media marketer Samsung, a. And even though it hasn’t been on the market for more than a handful of weeks, the Mesmerize has already become a very well regarded phone in both on and offline circles as a reliable little smart phones that can do so much that regular phones may not be able to do. It is equipped with a hardy 1 GHz hummingbird processor, a bright touch screen that’s 4 inches diagonally, and a 5 megapixel camera that lets you shoot home videos in high definition with up to 720p resolution. Combine that with Google’s operating system for smart phones, Android, as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, and you have a smart phone that can do much more than most people would expect from a phone of its price.

The Samsung Mesmerize is available for $ 200 once you send in an $ 80 mail in rebate. While the Samsung Mesmerize may give you lots of reasons to get it, there is a growing market of people interested in smart phones such as the mesmerize for their informative capabilities. Specifically, it can be very handy to have a device that fits in your pocket that lets you stay up to date with the current events in the local news. This article will give you some indication to what the Mesmerize can offer you.

Seesmic is a great news app for the Samsung Mesmerize that can keep you up to date with what people are saying about your local area. If you want to keep up on current events, Google’s News is also a great way to do that. And beyond the news gathering capabilities of the Samsung Mesmerize, you can also purchase a wide range of accessories such as a screen protector and a charger to help you fully realize the features of your smart phone. In particular, the screen protector is a quick and easy way to keep your phone in good and working order.

This is because the screen is no different from the screen of most smart phones in terms of how it is the heart and soul of the phone. If the screen is broken, the phones is pretty much useless since it primarily functions if run though the touch screen. In such cases, it makes perfect sense to look after the screen and protect it with a Mesmerize screen protector. It costs much less than a repair to the phone itself would, and is incredibly easy to purchase and put into place.

Beyond the screen protector, another one of the most important accessories you can purchase is an extra charger. A charger is likely the simplest way to make sure your smart phone always has the energy it needs to keep going while you are on the go. Of course, you can even purchase an extra, spare battery. The only thing with that is that many batteries are a lot more expensive than a typical charger. Alternatively, you could be more diligent about making sure your smart phone is always charged before you head out the door, but that requires a level of conscientiousness that few people can match these days when leading such busy lives. A charger is like a source of insurance and reassurance that even if you forget to charge up before you leave home, you won’t be left in the cold if your phone runs out of battery life.

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