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A Digital Video Recorder

A digital video recorder is a device that captures moving pictures and stores them on a disk drive in the form of digital data. The diversity of design is overwhelming in the digital video recording category as you can choose from portable media-players, regular camcorders, computers with video capture and playback devices. Even your TV set may include a digital video recorder, since many manufacturers now provide video-recording hardware and software incorporated in their electronics.

The way we use television has changed a lot due to the invention of the digital video recorder. Dual tuners now allow for the recording of a show on a certain channel while you are watching another, on a different channel. People use such devices worldwide to maximize their television experience. Software companies have also created digital video recording devices that can be mounted on the LCD.

If you want to use your personal computer to create a nice home-cinema, you will just need some pieces of hardware and software to turn your PC into a digital video recorder in the best way possible. If interested in such solutions, you can check with Apple and Microsoft to see what options they have available for your Linux or Windows OS. Choose the device according to the type of signal you want to capture. Satellite and digital cable signals may not work that great with a regular digital video recorder.

Having common features with the simple digital recorder, the camcorder represents a peak of recording equipments. Such a device is a ‘hybrid’, a very successful combination between a digital video recorder and a camera. You can shoot moving pictures and store everything on the incorporated memory disk. When the material is ready, you can transfer the data to a computer and edit using a non-linear editing software program.

A digital video recorder can also undergo special configuration for security applications in closed circuit television cameras. Security systems have made a lot of progress in the use of digital technology, and many more controls and features are available at present. There are video analitics, the capacity to overwrite security footage, remote access by computer and even the connection of the digital video recorder in the circuit to a LAN network.

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