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How to Organize Your Photos

Every digital camera owner knows how easy it is to take lots of photos. It’s also really easy to upload the images to your computer. But there is one thing that is not nearly that easy – sorting through your photos. If you like taking lots of pictures, then you know how sorting through your […]

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KODAK photo paper printing is good

KODAK photo paper printing is well established as a convenient and high quality method for the rendition of digitally stored text and photographs into hard copy output, on Inkjet photo paper or on other specialty substrates such as overhead transparency film or resin coated inkjet paper. In order to print satisfactorily on substrates such as […]

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Lemon Mobiles Review


by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association The new Lemon Twin 220 is a Dual mode mobile phone that supports two sim cars in GSM + CDMA format. It comes with a FM radio, a Digital camera, with Bluetooth, and a Music player with a Video player, and has expandable memory as well. Some of […]

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Nissan Micra reviewed


by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association Nissan is about to launch its first small car in India and here is what the carmaker has to offer with this new product. Nissan Micra is an Indian A2 hatchback with a difference. Firstly, the car falls under the Rs 5 lakh category and it is manufactured […]

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Choosing The Right Photo Scanner

Proper photo scanning equipment isn’t cheap, so it’s best to be as prepared as possible before you make your purchasing decision. Below is an excerpt from which details some of the top photo scanners on the market today. 1. Epson Perfection V500 Photo Scanner This Epson photo scanner gives great value for under $ 200. […]

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Photo Restoration and Repair in Canada

The good thing about today’s time is that a memory could be documented and secured. Today, there are great video cameras that cater to the filming of memories. But so far, the most popular mode of documenting memories would have to be photography. In photography, anyone could literally be creative in bringing out the best […]

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Maruti Van Omni Review


by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association The Maruti Suzuki India is the very precious player in the automobile industry. The company has car for everyone in its portfolio and caters to almost every market segment with economic models. With the high competition in the Indian car market, Maruti is facing the tough challenge and […]

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New Photo Equipment At Photokina 2010

Have you visited Photokina 2010? We are sure that all those who have would confirm the experience was worth it. Every two years the producers, inventors, distributors, users, fans and enthusiasts gather to show and absorb the new trends in the field. One of the trends discernible in the industry as a whole is the […]